Stop Forced Adoption

Forced adoption is the action taking of children from loving parents by falsely accusing them of injuring their child or of being at risk of future emotional harm. Both techniques are being used to justify taking healthy children from loving parents. Parents have not given their consent for this to happen, and are put through child care proceedings and the family courts. Once in the court they are up against a powerful system with unlimited funds, payed for by the tax payer.

Social services, social workers all across the country are using the same strategy to remove children, It is being reported all across the country. This is a well orchestrated strategy and put together in such a way that whenever you try to challenge it, you are met with obstacles and barriers that are impossible to get over.

Every direction you turn to prove your innocence, you are cut off by a system that is designed to prevent you getting to the truth or presenting the truth. Forced adoption in the UK is a national scandal and disgrace. Social services, CAFCASS and the family courts are not fit for purpose. They no longer protect children from harm and work with families to improve the outcomes, they spend their resources on identifying healthy children for adoption.


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